NCBiR – Research project

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Project title: „Technology of the extraction of polyphenolic compounds for raw material production for dietary supplements and medical products with anticancer activity.”

Project total value: 2 932 809,10 zł

EU funding: 2 212 557,49 zł

The goal of the project:

Producers of raw materials are mainly focused on profit so they use the cheapest methods of obtaining active substances from the most popular sources. One example is antioxidants, especially popular as dietary supplements in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Their production uses polyphenol extracts obtained on a mass scale from apples, grapes or green tea. Spark Lab to meet the expectations of supplement manufacturers and their clients, plans to develop and implement polyphenol extraction technology from three plants characterized by their high concentration, and not used so far in mass production. For this purpose, various extraction methods will be tested and their optimization will be performed and the technology will be adjusted to increase the efficiency to obtain as much polyphenols in the extract as possible. The obtained extracts will contain twice as much polyphenols compared to the competition and will have a 30% less contaminants. Producers of dietary supplements will be able to manufacture products of the highest quality, safe for their consumers. What’s more, the extraction technology will be developed in such a way that the produced extracts will contain mainly polyphenols with antiancer activity. The result of the project will be a technology operating in real conditions ready to start the production of tested polyphenolic extracts.

The name of the project from which the funding was provided:

Inteligent Growth Operational Programme, Action 1.1  R&D Projects, Subaction 1.1.1,  Industrial research and development works carried out by enterprises

EU funding agreement number: POIR.01.01.01-00-0353/17-00

The project duration: 01.01.2018 – 31.08.2020