Our mission is to serve as a partner in the development of companies in pharmaceutical and chemical industry to help them maximize their potential.


Owing to the comprehensive approach towards challenges posed by our Clients

Spark-Lab has become a leading chemical and pharmaceutical analysis laboratory in Poland. We build excellent relations with our Clients upon reliable and honest work. Spark-Lab is a company based on knowledge and experience of people who are the firm’s most valuable asset.


Spark-Lab is a research and development unit which has been functioning and rapidly expanding since 2010.

From the very beginnings of the company our team of executives has consisted of scientists affiliated with leading academic institutions in the Tricity area (Gdansk University of Technology, Medical University of Gdansk). In 2011 Spark-Lab entered into cooperation Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, where it has been located ever since. In 2012 our company obtained and adapted additional 130 square meters of laboratory space.
In January 2014 Spark-Lab has introduced ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, which has been confirmed with a certificate granted by the Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade. This allowed us to enter into cooperation with leading Polish pharmaceutical and chemical companies and gain their trust.
Throughout its existence Spark-Lab has been continually expanding the scope of its services by purchasing high-end research and measurement equipment as well as conducting personnel training.

Quality policy


Chemical Analysis Laboratory Spark-Lab Ltd. is a private service company which carries out research and development work in pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industry. The company is committed to complying with ISO 9001:2008 requirements and constantly improving the Quality Management System with special emphasis on Clients’ requirements. Moreover, both the management and the personnel of Spark-Lab Ltd. take it upon themselves to observe the Quality Policy.

The main objectives of the Laboratory are as follows:

  • Building a company based on knowledge and experience;
  • Maintaining the credibility of the Laboratory;
  • Pursuing closer cooperation with Clients and gaining a better understanding of their needs;
  • Obtaining positive economic results and expanding our activity onto both domestic and foreign markets.

The main objectives are fulfilled via:

  • organizing frequent personnel training in order to raise staff qualifications;
  • shaping personnel awareness in regard to service quality;
  • ensuring safety and confidentiality of information from our Clients;
  • constant improvement of quality assurance systems and procedures;
  • performing assigned tasks in a mindful and meticulous manner with proper care and precision.


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Analytical Equipment


Spark-Lab is equipped with the high-class advanced scientific apparatus. To take care of the high quality of the research all devices are periodically checked and qualified.

  • High Perfomence Liquid Chromatograph Shimadzu UFLC Prominence 612D with UV-Vis (DAD) detector.
  • Gas Chromatograph with flame ionization detector Shimadzu GC-FID 2010 Plus.
  • Gas Chromatograph coupled with quadrupol mass spectrometer Shimadzu GC-MS QP 2010 SE.
  • Atomic emission spectrometer with conductivly coupled plasma ICP-OES Agilent 5100.
  • Spectrofotometer ThermoScienitic BioMate 3.


Contrary to the common belief and current tendencies it is extremely difficult to replace good specialists.

It is the people who are considered the greatest value in our company. Spark-Lab is looking for individuals who pursue their interests with passion and commitment, and who would like to gain experience in the field of pharmacy, chemistry and related areas of science. Creativity, initiative, knowledge and ambition are the qualities we seek in our future employees.

All applications should be sent to the following address: rekrutacja@spark-lab.pl. They will be examined during the next recruitment process. Please remember to include your current phone number.