Besides, the company conducts several R&D projects, which have already contributed to the creation of services or products that are unique in the country. In 2015, Spark-Lab created apparatus to test e-liquids and e-cigarettes, Smoky-Lab®, which enabled the registration of more than 4000 products in Europe, in accordance with Tobacco Product Directive 2014/40/EU.



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In 2018, Spark-Lab started working on a technology for the production of extracts with potential anti-cancer properties. The project was positively regarded by the National Centre for Research and Development, resulting in the acquisition of external funds. In 2019, in turn, a new technology was developed for the selective isolation of controlled substances from hemp extracts to make them fully legal to trade on the EU market. The technology is so promising that the Management Board decided to establish Hemp Wizards® – a company dedicated to the commercialisation of this solution.



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