We operatefor 5 industry sectors


Pharmaceutical industry: analysis of reference products; improvement and validation of analytical methods; identification of impurities and isolation and standardisation as reference standards; examining the reasons for incompatibility between the product and the packaging.

hemp raw materials and products

Hemp materials and products: cannabinoid profiling; testing for solvent residue; terpene profiling; heavy metal residues; microbiology; analysis of pesticides and mycotoxins.

e-liquids and e-cigarettes

E-liquids and e-cigarettes: analysing flavour compositions; testing e-liquid compositions; emissions testing for TPD II complete with the registration service; preparing safety data sheets; preparing product labels.


Cosmetics: cosmetic stability testing; preformulation work for the clients; cosmetic composition analysis; microbiological tests.

household chemicals

Household chemistry: product composition analysis; preformulation work; functional tests; tests of the migration of harmful substances from the packaging

Continuously since 2010

Spark - Lab has been operating continuously since 2010 conducting over 1300 research and development projects per year, very diverse and versatile, which gives us a leading position in Central and Southern Europe in the sector of various laboratory services. And not only that, a not inconsiderable percentage of orders are completed for a global market like the USA. We are a brand exclusively with Polish capital and our most valuable assets are our competence, top-class equipment and a team of enthusiasts we have been working with for years.

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