Pharmaceutical, medical and biocidal products

Research and development work for the pharmaceutical industry

We conduct extensive research and development work in close cooperation with pharmaceutical production plants. We provide maximum support from the very first stage of pharmaceutical work (starting from pre-formulation).


Thanks to an adequately selected team of specialists, whose competences and experience complement each other in very diverse areas, we are solidly prepared for any challenge and we know that what we propose will be the best possible way of working on a given project. We pride ourselves on our many achievements and listen carefully to and select specialists, tools and analysis techniques individually for each job.

Pharmaceutical, medical and biocidal products

As a result of this research, we obtain information on the qualitative and quantitative composition of the future finished product. At the same time, analytical methods are developed to determine the amount of the main substances and contaminants, with the use of such techniques as spectrophotometry as well as liquid and gas chromatographic analysis.


The work on analytical methods is divided into four stages:

  • Designing and optimizing the method or modifying the already existing method in accordance with the existing Ph. Eur., ICH and USP guidelines;
  • Validating the analytical method;
  • Transferring the method into the Client’s laboratory;
  • Providing training for the employees in the implemented method;

In addition, we conduct advanced research projects and provide a wide range of services.

  • Determining the chemical identity of raw materials (starting materials);
  • Analysing and determining the purity of raw materials (starting materials);
  • Determining the chemical identity of contaminants (identifying chemical compounds) in both raw materials and finished products;
  • Isolating the contaminants (with the use of chromatographic techniques) intended to be used as models;
  • Analysing the content of contaminants in raw materials and finished products;
  • A qualitative or quantitative analysis (the analysis of composition) of finished products;


The research projects we conduct are subject to numerous procedures to which we are obliged by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System in place. At each stage of the work, the laboratory staff is in close contact with the customer, reporting on the progress of the research. Aware of the confidentiality of the data we handle in the course of our projects, our management ensures the maximum security of our customers' information by concluding non-disclosure agreements.