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Individual approach to each project

The chemical laboratory participates in the development of products and optimization of manufacturing processes. The commissioned research of this type usually goes beyond the scope of routine analyses and is conducted based on the knowledge and experience of the qualified team. The process of planning the research is usually preceded with a review of the latest professional and trade literature.


Commissioned research and development work:

  • The Spark-Lab R&D laboratory carries out non-standard analyses – chemical analysis as well as analysing the composition of complicated mixtures and finished products provided by the Client.
  • Purifying chemical substances from a complicated matrix;
  • Identifying chemical compounds;
  • Chemical analysis, analysing the composition of mixtures;
  • Optimization and validation of analytical methods;

Spark-Lab Research and Development Department Apparatus

Conducting R&D projects is possible thanks to the well-qualified and trained staff. What is also important, however, is measuring and research equipment, which is under constant technical and metrological supervision. The R&D department of the Spark-Lab Laboratory has:

  • A high performance liquid chromatograph with a poly-diode detector linked with a triple quadrupole analyser UHPLC-PDA-ESI- MS/MS
  • A high performance liquid chromatograph with a poly-diode detector HPLC-PDA
  • A gas chromatograph linked with a single quadrupole mass detector GC-MS
  • A gas chromatograph with a flame ionization detector GC-FID
  • An inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer ICP-OES
  • A wide range of analytical columns for liquid and gas chromatography as well as for semi-preparative chromatography
  • A flash liquid chromatograph – a laboratory scale with a spectrophotometer detector with a fraction collector
  • A flash liquid chromatograph – a small scale production with a C18 reversed phase column weighing 5 kg
  • A supercritical fluid extractor – a very small scale production
  • A microwave extractor – on a laboratory scale
  • A laboratory freeze dryer
  • High-pressure microwave mineralizers

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Additional services

In addition to a number of routine and typical analysis techniques, at SL we also perform the following with the help of trusted certified subcontractors:

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR);
  • Infrared analysis (FTIR);
  • Mass spectrometry (MS);
  • Analyses using with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS);
  • Ion Chromatography (IC);
  • Particle size analysis (Camsizer, Zetasizer);


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